Most of the people would love to share their foods to their animals and pets. Most of the people think that dogs can eat all the human foods that we are serving to them. It is common for first time people to own a pet and give them table foods and they thought that it is ok because their dogs are eating them well. But, overall there are just some foods that humans are eating that can be served to our beloved animals. Four Paws service company believes that in order for a certain animal to be healthy, it must be given the right amount of food and vitamins and even the right time of feeding them.

  1. If you think peanut butter is not healthy for dogs, and you might be wrong. It is very good treat to give them as it contains a lot of proteins and vitamins E and B. You can choose the peanut butter which is not being used with salt. Remember that consuming too much salt could be very bad for human and animals as well.
  2. If you love chicken and so dogs, too. They can be given to our dogs as their meal. There are different ways to cooked them. Uncooked chicken meat and bones should be given to them.
  3. Dogs can eat vegetables, too. This is going to be very nice for their body and health. This kind of vegetable will be a good way to make their teeth even stronger than before. They have a very low content of calorie that makes them very suitable to dogs.
  4. Letting them to eat yogurt is not a bad idea. It contains a lot of calcium and even proteins that can be very good to their digestive system. Just check and choose the one that has no sweetener or less fat.
  5. We love eggs for breakfast and canine pets as well. It would be better to give them raw eggs as they contain more natural elements that could give more healthy benefits. If you want to give them a cooked one, then make sure you don’t add any condiments to it as it would not be a good option to let them eat that.
  6. Not all animals would love the idea of eating apples. But, there are some dogs that can accept this kind of fruit. Make sure that you will slice the apple before giving it to your pet. It is lesser as well when it comes to acidity.
  7. If you think oatmeal is for people like us only, no. They can be a very good substitute to their treats as it contains so much healthy factors that can make them more energetic and good looking.
  8. Aside from chicken meat, dogs can have some salmon if you have. Still uncooked one is better as it contains natural kind of fatty acids which is the omega-3.

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