Types of Roofing

Working on building a new house? Or maybe getting your current one renovated? Either way, you will need to be familiar with different types of building materials so you can decide on exactly what you want or need to be installed. Different parts of the house require different types of materials – floor, walls, ceiling, and roof. But whatever material it may be, it should be strong and durable to withstand weight, different weather conditions, and changes in temperature. 


The roof is an important part of the house. In fact, it should be given much thought and consideration. After all, the function of a house is to provide protection and shelter you from the sun, snow, and rain. So what type should you get for your home?  


Here are some of the many types of roofing that you can choose from: 


  1. Rolled 

This is type is preferred for low-slope residential buildings. The strips are large but thin which makes them fast and easy to install. This type provides no aesthetic so be mindful of that. 


  1. Wood 

Wooden roofing can be found mostly on bungalows and cottages. Some people like wood for the antique and old-fashion vibe it gives. Some others do not prefer it for many reasons. But wood roofing can actually last a long time if you choose the right kind and if properly maintained.  


  1. Composite shingles 

Also called asphalt shingles, this type is the most well-known roofing material around. It is made with fiberglass mat with asphalt and mineral granules on top. The shingles are easy to repair and replace. They are flexible too should some parts expand or contract. 


  1. Metal 

In contrast to wood, metal roofing is modern and contemporary. Metal roofing is strong and lasts a long time. Choices of aluminum, steel, and copper are available for you to give your home that urban finish atop.  


  1. Tile 

A roof made out of tile is bound to last long. You can choose either concrete or clay tile to for that unique but efficient roofing. Different styles are also available so you can customize your roof more. 


  1. Slate 

Slate shingles are either made out of stone or rubber. Shingles made out of stone are the original ones. They are best installed by professionals. 


  1. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) 

EPDM is also known as rubber roofing. It is made from synthetic durable rubber. Can be fully attached or ballasted. It is mostly used in low-slope buildings. Proper care must be observed when installing EPDM in close proximity to asphalt. The asphalt tends to deteriorate the quality of the rubber. 


Roofing can’t be every homeowner’s DIY. Maybe you can do some repairs here and there after thorough research, but it would be best to hand over the job to professionals. Contractors and service providers have a skilled and experienced team that can do the job and do it well. Search your area for roofer in Aurora CO or hunt the internet for contractors and companies that offer roofing services, repairs, or maintenance. 

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